Un job cel putin interesant!

Navigand pe paginile unor site-uri de job-uri am gasit un anunt de voluntariat. Din cate am vazut, au nevoie de 5 oameni. M-am gandit ca poate foloseste cuiva, asa ca iata-l:

You have to be active, hard working and highly motivated to do long-term sustainable development.
You don’t need to have previous experience or education, high motivation is enough!

International humanitarian movement HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE is looking for volunteers. You can contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty by joining the Development Instructor Programme – an international volunteer programme. We work in Mosambique, Zambia and Guinea Bissau.

A life changing experience – for yourself and the people in Africa you work with!

You can work on following projects:
• Child Aid
• Street childen in Children’s town
• Fight against HIV/AIDS
• Vocational school
• Teachers´ traning college
• Farmers’s club
• Second hand clothes

Development Instructor Programme is a 14-month programme:
• 6 months training in Denmark
• 6 months development work at a project in Africa
• 2 months evaluation and information work in Europe

Enrolment fee is normally 370€, but we have special reduced fee for Romanians. rest of the school fees and travel costs you can cover by working in our school 4 months before training. In Denmark you get accomodation and food and in Africa you get also pocket money.

You CAN make a difference!

More information in English: niina@lindrsvold.dk
Visit also our website: www.lindersvold.dk

HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE is currently running more than 285 projects in Africa, involving more than 10 million people. So far, 6000 Development Instructors (our word for volunteer) have participated in starting up and running these projects.


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